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update: will be in New York City 17-25.10

Posting blogs have become journeys to the past. Life is changing so fast all the time – it seems like there’s no guarantee where you live, how you live or who you share your life with. since a few years, blogging has changed from telling stories of my present life to summing up a couple of months of my past. this makes it much more challenging to post because not all memories are good ones and putting these photos together like a puzzle makes you relive it all again. Still I decide to keep it up this way as the leitmotif of my life the last 10 years. This time I decided to add photos from portrait sessions as well. I don’t know why I used to keep them to me instead of posting them too in the previous posts.

  1. Great post, as always. And please, continue posting your portraits!

    Comment by Patrick — October 17, 2016 @ 3:10 am
  2. wow. thanks so much for posting your work, travels, memories, and experiments. it’s always a pleasure to spend an hour or two and taking in the pictures. fantastic work, as always.

    Comment by ivan — October 17, 2016 @ 6:02 am
  3. Wie immer, sehr sehr gut! Habe die neue Batch von Fotos schon lange erwartet und danach gesucht! Bitte mehr von Rolleiflex, Planar und Portraits, sowie Strasse passen sehr gut zusammen :) Perfect !!! Danke, habe eine Stunde in Deiner Welt verbracht :)

    Comment by Domagoj — October 17, 2016 @ 7:05 pm
  4. Oh Mann, wie immer großartig! Hör bitte niemals damit auf! :)

    Comment by Bernd — October 17, 2016 @ 11:11 pm
  5. Cheers Severin! As always I very much enjoy looking at your photos. Have fun in NY.

    Comment by Teun — October 18, 2016 @ 9:34 pm
  6. Keep them coming. You never seize to amaze me dude.

    Comment by Vitor Silva — October 18, 2016 @ 10:51 pm
  7. Severin,

    wie immer, grandiose Arbeiten von dir. Es ist sooooooo ein Genuß deine Blogeinträge zu lesen, bitte bitte bitte hör niemals auf !

    Seit knapp 15 Jahren ist es ein Traum deine Arbeiten zu bewundern, mach weiter so !

    Und ich würde mir wünschen, wenn du mehr von den 4×5 Fotos posten würdest.

    Ein ferner Gruß.

    Comment by Michel — October 20, 2016 @ 5:58 pm
  8. great photos as always. do not stop

    Comment by nuno sousa — November 11, 2016 @ 6:52 pm
  9. Hello,

    Nice pictures.
    The contrast is very pretty, do you use film?


    Comment by Yannick T Hesterman — July 24, 2017 @ 9:57 pm

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